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Meat Dish


There's a clear difference between Joe's lamb and veal and what you'll find at your local supermarket.  Our years of experience in the meat business have shown us that only a few premium lamb and veal growers in the country adhere to the quality standards that we expect in order to deliver the best products to you, our customers.


Lamb is divided into large sections called primal cuts. These large cuts are then broken down further into individual retail cuts that you buy at the supermarket or butcher's shop. Unlike beef, which is divided into sides, lamb is first divided into sections called the fore saddle and hind saddle, which are then broken down further into their component primal cuts.


Joe’s sells veal from the premier growers of naturally-fed veal in America - Provimi Foods of Seymour, Wisconsin. Veal is the meat that primarily comes from a Holstein dairy bull calf. It is harvested at about six months of age and weighs about 500 or more pounds. The veal industry closely follows the dairy industry and dairy processing plants. Milk-fed veal is primarily raised in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Veal meat is very tender and it has a very mild flavor. Veal is low fat and high in protein. 

The color of the meat has become darker and the structure and taste have also changed. Veal has a light color, a fine texture, a smooth taste, and is more tender.


Contact Joe's Meat Shoppe

Joe's Meat Shoppe is here to help you with all of your select meat cuts. Contact us today for special orders of lamb and veal.  

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